My Son’s School Regents School of Austin – Sooo Proud!!

Congratulations to the State Football Champion team!!!  This milestone marks our fifth State Football Championship in the school’s history, and under the hand of Coach Brydon and his team.  We asked him to write a “Word from the AD” today in recognition of this great achievement for the team and for the coaches…Rod Gilbert, Head of School
A Word From Coach Beck Brydon

Finger binary

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Number One!

“If you were at the State Football Championship game this past Saturday, you would have noticed the team holding up their index fingers after many plays throughout the game.  In the world of sports, this usually means “We’re number one!”  In the world of football, it signifies going for a one point conversion try following a touchdown.  At Regents, neither one of these are accurate.

The Knights football team lifts an index finger to point upward as a recognition to Him whom all praise is due.  It is a reminder to each player that God has gifted them uniquely and divinely.  A reminder to the boys to remain humble and to not become prideful in the accomplishments.  It’s a reminder that our trust is in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6, our team’s theme this year) and a reminder that He is possibly using this game for far bigger things in the lives of each of the players than the ability to execute a football play well.  It’s also a way of showing the Lord our thanks – for allowing us to experience something very cool in life that few 17 or 18 year olds get to experience… for that matter, something very cool for us 40-somethings to get to experience as well.”

The bottom line is this… it’s about Him, not us.  He’s Number One!  You saw our team lifting a lot of index fingers on Saturday… a lot of praising of our Lord was happening.  And on a lesser note, our boys fought hard and won the game 38-7.  What a great day for our school community!


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