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The Best Places to Live

By Venessa Wong and Joel Stonington

Where would you live in the U.S. if money were no object? Many people might automatically pick New York or San Francisco, maybe New Orleans or Boston. But they might be missing out. All these cities are great, but other cities are even better. Welcome to’s first America’s Best Cities ranking. With assistance from Bloomberg Rankings, evaluated 100 of the country’s largest cities based on 16 criteria, which include: the number of restaurants, bars, and museums per capita; the number of colleges, libraries, and professional sports teams; the income, poverty, unemployment, crime, and foreclosure rates; percent of population with bachelor’s degrees, public school performance, park acres per 1,000 residents, and air quality. Greater weighting was placed on recreational amenities such as parks, bars, restaurants, and museums, and on educational attainment, school performance, poverty, and air quality. The data came from the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Sperling’s BestPlaces, GreatSchools, Onboard Informatics, RealtyTrac, and the Trust for Public Land. Read on to find out which cities top the ranking. Is your city on the list?














Austin, Tex.

America’s Best Places Rank: 12th
Population: 747,984
Mayor: Lee Leffingwell

Why it’s ranked: The “live music capital of the world” hosts a few of America’s best music festivals, not to mention the generally great acts that play the city’s more than 200 bars on any given night. Beyond nightlife, Austin has high numbers of park acres per person, great air quality, and low unemployment. Were it not for the second-highest rate of property crimes on this list, Austin definitely would have made our top 10.

How it ranked:
Percent with bachelor’s degrees: 43.5
Percent under poverty level: 17.5
Median household income: $50,236
Violent crime rate: 523.3
Property crime rate: 6,245.5
School score: 71.89
Pro sports teams: 0
Foreclosure rate: .0046
Percent Unemployment: 6.4
Park acres per 1,000 residents: 36.8
Bars: 209
Restaurants: 1818
Museums: 88
Colleges: 8
Libraries: 46
Air Quality Index: 80


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