Sebastian Barrett St.Troy,


By: Sebastian Barrett St.Troy, Market Ready Stylist & Ontologist

Can you see the Dragon in the room? He’s standing just over there, never moves, and doesn’t like to be ignored. He breathes fire, warms a room, and is often not the focus, well, unless you’re the type to curl up in front of him with a glass of chardoney and some bread and cheese.
The dragon I speak of is your fireplace. These days many people have a large television the size of their car sitting in a room with a fireplace and all of the furniture is arranged with the focus on the large television. With such furniture arrangement, the room will often feel awkward, unfriendly, and confusing. Why do you ask? Simple, the dragon doesn’t like being ignored. Furniture arrangements are about people being together and doing something, and when there is a fireplace, the furniture should be positioned with the focus on the fireplace, not the large television.
There are a few exceptions, however, most rooms with a fireplace should have the sofa facing the fireplace and all of the other furniture postioned to compliment the sofa. This type of arrangement pays homage to the dragon and puts the focus back on people, not the large television.
When you walk into a room, the last item you should notice should be the television, unless the room happens to be Media Room, and then the focus should be on the large screen. Why should the television be the last item anyone notices? Not an easy answer, but we’ll do our best. When someone walks into a room, they should be provided an invitation to do something – sit down, rest, relax, dine, etc. When a television is the focus, then the invitation is to do NOTHING. Maybe ‘nothing’ is too harsh, but watching television takes the focus away from people being together, conversing.
You might disagree and state that our friends and family are together doing something, watching TV, enjoying a movie, the big ball game. Yes, there are times such as these that people are being together and interacting, but the difference is a person provided the invitation to do something specific, your television didn’t send out the invitations.
Over the many years, walking into numerous homes, I’ve always pondered why so many people put such a focus on a television and live with awkward, uneasy, and unfriendly furniture arrangements, even when they knew that such placements made even them feel funny.
Our modern age has long forgotten the power of the dragon, yet he still resides with us, pushed aside in favor of modern technology. If you desire a room that feels good, then you’ll have to put the television back into proper perspective and your furniture back to the focus on the fireplace and people. Fire burns and the dragon will not go unnoticed, he will demand attention, and attention he must have.
So where is the focus of your furniture in a room with a fireplace? Is it on the television or is the focus on people being together and enjoying the warmth of the dragon?


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