Fantastic Fest 2013 Moves to Northwest Austin

fantastic_fest_week__fullThe kids are back in school, Longhorn football season has started, and the hope of cooler weather is just around the corner.  This can mean only one thing: Fantastic Fest is on its way!  Be prepared, Northwest Austin, all manner of zombies, goblins, wizards and robots are about to descend on your neighborhood for one of our city’s favorite cinema’s premier event.

“The most important film festival in North America” – Texas Monthly

“The geek Telluride… Fantastic Fest lives up to its name” – Variety

Specializing in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and just plain fantastic movies from all around the world, Fantastic Fest has quickly risen to become one of the top cinema festivals in the country.

This meteoric rise is in large part because of the longtime host, Alamo Drafthouse (rated the best cinema in America by Entertainment Weekly), knows how to screen a movie.

The epicenter of this Mecca of cine-geeks has always been the South Lamar location of Alamo, but due to construction delays, this year’s event will center around the brand new Lakeline location of the Drafthouse, located off Highway 183 in Northwest Austin.  This new location boasts 10 screens, plus a 35mm projector for those that love that old school vibe.

The relocation reflects the Austin’s growing popularity as a destination for media of all kinds. The iconic South Lamar location is being rebuilt from the ground up, soon to be the crown jewel in the Alamo Drafthouse chain (just in time for the 10th annual Fantastic Fest, next year).

Is the choice to hold the festival at the Lakeline location, instead of the South Austin Location on Slaughter, a sign of trends to come?  One factor in choosing the new Lakeline location is the proximity to new hotels in the surrounding area.  Look out Northwest Austin, your neighborhood might be seeing some growth!

To purchase tickets or badges, or just to know more check out the website.


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