Second Weekend of Austin City Limits Sells Out!

Acl 2013Unless you are living under a rock or have moved away from Austin to hide from the traffic, you know by now that Austin City Limits is in town.  For the first time in its 12-year history, responding to the growing demand for tickets, C3 Presents made the bold decision to double the event from one three-day weekend to two, and though it was down to the wire with tickets still available until early this week, the second weekend of ACL has officially sold out.

Even thought the sell-out is official, you can still find discounted tickets on Stubhub and Craigslist as low as low as $125 for the three day fest, but be wary – your tickets need to be registered to YOU, so be sure you get that bit of business taken care of before you fork over your cash.

A second weekend of ACL has both pros and cons.  Obviously the money injected into the city is a boon.  Last year’s $100 million influx to the city from concert goers is expected to jump to $175 Million, and C3 has agreed to increase the percentage of ticket sales donated to the parks department from 8.5% to 10.5%.  If you’d like to see the somewhat controversial plans for the new vision of Zilker, check out the Austin Chronicle’s discussion here.

The cons are double the usual concerns for Zilker Area residents: traffic, littering, and illegal parking. ACL Fest organizers are paying for 10 police officers to patrol nearby residential areas, ticketing and towing cars and handling other ACL Fest-related incidents.  Residents have also been given a special phone number to reach the ACL Fest command center.

If you don’t want to catch the big fest, but would love to catch some amazing shows around town during the insanity that is ACL, here are the Shannon Schmitz Group’s suggestions for unofficial ACL shows around town this week:

(Link to ticket info):


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