Beware The “MoPacalypse”– Construction Begins On Loop 1

The “MoPacalypse” is coming! Construction on Austin’s second largest road is set to begin soon, a $200 million dollar project that will add a toll road on each side of MoPac/Loop 1 from Lady Bird Lake to Palmer Lane. The work will become noticeable in early December. A large grove of trees, currently occupying the median, will have to be removed to make way for the oncoming pavement. Construction is set to take about two years; fortunately, lane closures are not expected during rush hour. However, concrete barriers will flank the three remaining lanes.

 Austinites can expect a speed limit reduction from 65 mph to 55 mph. The toll road’s prices will be set by traffic flow.  This is referred to as a “managed lane.”

 Steve Pustelnyk, the Director of Community Relations for the MoPac Improvement Project, said, “When traffic is really heavy, the toll will go up and when traffic is light the toll will go down.  In that way, we can encourage people to use the lane when it’s empty and discourage them when it’s full, so that we don’t get congestion and the lane is always free flowing.”

 The project is also expected to make renovations, including bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, soundproofing, and aesthetic enhancements. Much of the construction will take place during night-time hours, but small delays will be impossible to avoid.

 Mayor Leffingwell joked, “Some drivers may want to search for alternative routes. I’ve already got mine planned out and I’ll share it with anyone who wants to know.” Completion date is set for late 2015.

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