The Shannon Schmitz Group Has Been Invited to Be Part of a Pilot Program for Real Estate Client Communication Software: Handshakez

The Shannon Schmitz Group hopes to engage clients in a more meaningful way that gives them easy access to their entire team.   The Handshakez software offers a unique, image-heavy, user-friendly opportunity to reduce response times and create a more convenient space to organize files.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – The Shannon Schmitz Group, always on the cutting edge of real estate technology, has been invited to participate in Reliant Title’s pilot program testing for an up -and-coming software company Handshakez software.  This customized software gives a new approach to client communication in real estate.

Handshakez philosophy is that clients “want to be engaged, not managed”, and their fresh new platform does just that.

Described as “a cross between Dropbox, Pinterest Facebook and CRM”, the program allows clients and Realtors to engage in a private “room” where images, documents, advertising, brochures, notes and links can be sent.  The image-heavy interface is appealing to the eye and, therefore, easier for a user to navigate.

Shannon Schmitz Group Real Estate Pilot InterfaceThe benefit of this software is that real estate clients can go to one place where all of their documents and conversations are securely stored.  In the case of the Shannon Schmitz Group, a client can ask a question to the entire team – including buyers agents, listing agents, the marketing team and even the executive assistant – all in one place.  All members or the group can view the question, suggestion or comment and collaboratively give the proper response – in effect eliminating the need to CC the entire team – and speeding up response times.

 “We are a group built on customizing and streamlining our processes to our client’s preferences, so this may not work for everyone.”  Shannon Schmitz, the groups founder said, “We feel that many of our clients will find this to be an exciting new interface that allows them to be more intimately involved in the home buying or selling process”.

We are always working toward creating the richest real estate experience we can for our clients.  If you are thinking about buying or selling your home and would like to take part in this program, please let us know.  We are here to make your experience as fun, comfortable and seamless as we can.

About The Shannon Schmitz Group

Group_0614The Shannon Schmitz Group is known for the signature service they provide to their clients, customizing every detail to their specific needs. These professional, hard-working Realtors® and their dedicated, technologically-savvy marketing team work together to provide the utmost in service to their clients for buying or selling real estate all over Austin. This includes the surrounding Texas Hill Country Area, including Spanish Oaks, Bee Cave, Lakeway, Lake Travis, The Hills, West Lake Hills, and the famous Austin zip codes of 78703 and 78704.

For more information about The Shannon Schmitz Group, consisting of Shannon T. Schmitz, Morgan Smith and Kimberly Montonati, please visit

Want to know more about what’s going in on in your neighborhood?  Check out the Shannon Schmitz Group’s new online magazine, LOCALE Austin. Curious about your home’s value?   Try this FREE TOOL to find out now!



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