Eat, Drink and Play – Spicewood Texas

The Shannon Schmitz Group’s marketing team visited Shannon’s latest listing, and is sold on Spicewood.

IMG_3748.JPGWhen Shannon T. Schmitz sat down with the marketing team to discuss the best way to market her new listing in Spicewood Texas, I figured that, as her marketing director, I’d better do some ”research”…  so I can speak more intelligently about the area.  I mean, it’s easy to read on paper that there are multiple vineyards, hiking trails, barbecue restaurants and shopping, but I really should go see for myself, right?  So, I recruited our in-house photographer, Carol, and we embarked on a little journey to the hill country.

We couldn’t have picked a better time to go, really.  The sun was shining in a perfect, blue sky when we set out to the heart of the Texas hill country.  In about 30 minutes, we were transported from the hustle-and-bustle of Austin to a much more relaxed, carefree place where the birds were singing and the bluebonnets were sprawling.

Image It was about 2:00 p.m. when our stomachs reminded us that it was past the usual time for lunch, so we decided to check out Yelp’s – #1 barbeque restaurant in the area, Opie’s Barbecue.  We stepped in the door and found a veritable cornucopia of smoked meats.  The brisket just fell apart.  The spicy ribs were downright addictive.  Who needs sides?  “You really shouldn’t leave without trying the tater-tot casserole”, the lady at the front counter said, “Or the cobbler”. Who can argue with professionals?   As we finished up the serving of half blueberry – half peach cobbler, we squealed with delight.  Ohhh – it was so good.  We waddled out with rounder bellies and great big smiles.

Image (1)After all of that great food, we decided to walk off our food comas at Krause Springs.  If you have not been here, you are really missing out.  As we walked into the park, we were surrounded by some of the largest, most majestic sounding wind chimes I have ever seen.  We paid a $7 entry fee and went through the gate to check out the actual springs.  Walking down the cobblestone steps, the first thing we noticed was a lovely, yet empty, pool area surrounded by graceful fountains, stonework, trees and nature.  As we ventured down further, we learned why nobody was at the pool area – they were all down below at a beautiful rock beach with views of waterfalls all around.   We truly lost track of time hiking around while Carol captured some amazing photos.  We didn’t want to leave because we were having such a good time, but since we had more stops on our little tour, we vowed we would return when we could stay longer, and hopped in the car.

krauseNext we travelled to Spicewood Vineyards.  It was a nice, long ride down a country road that, thankfully, had plenty of signs to let us know we had not lost our way.   When we arrived, we strode in to the tasting room for a $5 tasting.  The wines were really great.  The owner of the Vineyard, Ron Yates, regaled us with stories, including how he gets his famous Pinot Noir grapes from the Russian River Valley, and the story behind the guy on the “Good Guy” bottle of wine (I won’t spoil that one for you – you’ll have to hear it for yourself!).  I liked the place so much, I signed up for their wine club.

Wesley CollageFinally, we headed over to Shannon’s new listing at 701 Wesley Ridge Drive , just in time for a spectacular sunset.  The upper and lower balconies of this place both offered grand, sweeping views.  In fact, I found myself wishing I was staying the night, because a dip in that hot tub while watching the sun retreat behind the lake would have been just what the doctor ordered after our wonderful afternoon.   I could see myself pulling out a board game or a good book and enjoying the moment over a glass of wine from the vineyard we just visited.  In telling the owner about our day in Spicewood, he told us that he likes to visit Stone House Vineyard; that we should really check out one of Cuvee Coffee Company’s  tours or labs;  that Hamilton Pool is another great hiking and swimming spot, and that we have to stop by Willie Nelson’s late manager’s place Poodie’s Hilltop.  

Now I’m thinking Carol and I might need to do more “research”.

SSG - CTA - WESLEY Ridge Drive


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