X Games Barcelona 2013 - May 17, 2013The BMX portion of the competition is always exciting, dirty and (potentially) bloody. This X Games will include all 5 disciplines currently in major competitions for the sport: Vert, Big Air, Park, Street and Dirt. All but the BMX Vert event will feature 12 athletes competing in two 50 second runs; the best 6 scores will advance to the finals.

BMX Vert  takes place on the Halfpipe, and features big tricks and big air. Athlete Jamie Bestwick will be competing for 8 consecutive X Game gold medalsin Vert. Eight athletes will compete in 2 minute sets.

BMX Big Air is a similar set-up to Skateboard Big Air, including a massive drop to gain speed, huge jump over the gap, then landing and going into the Quarterpipe. Tricks are pulled in the jump and at the Quarterpipe.  Chad Kagy, veteran BMX champ and winner of 4 gold medals, 6 silver and 5 bronze will show us how it’s done. Big props to Chad who is also part of Bikes Over Baghdad, an organization that visits our troops overseas.

BMX Park takes place in the X Games amazing skatepark, with a crazy combination of bowls, fun boxes, ramps and jumps.

BMX Street will feature twelve athletes going at it in the X Games street park, with a wild array of steps, rails, ledges and verts.

BMX Dirt will be the first professional Dirt competition in the US since 2006, and BMX enthusiasts are thrilled to have the full complement of events in this X Games. The track includes a series of dirt ramps, jumps and hairpin turns.

Read the full X Games article in LOCALE Austin

X Games LA 2013 - August 4, 2013The MotoX is always one of the most popular (and LOUDEST) events.  This X Games will feature 5 different events. Six athletes will compete in each event.

Moto X Best Whip is all about big stunts. Both male and female competitors will complete a 6 minute “jam” on the course, with as many attempts as they can finish, scoring on the best attempt.

Moto X Step Up is all about big air. Each competitor will ride up an almost vertical wall to jump a 50 foot high bar.

Enduro X is an insane obstacle course with tree trunks, mud, ditches and tire fields. 24 make and female athletes will compete in two heats, scored by finish order.

Moto X Freestyle is where these athletes get to go nuts on a course of jumps and kickers. They’ll have two 75-second runs each.

Moto X Speed & Style is judged on best lap time plus execution of tricks on a 100 point scale.

The Shannon Schmitz Group knows Austin! We love our city and always keep tabs on what’s going on in theneighborhoods we share. We are thrilled that our city is hosting the X Games, and can’t wait to see Austin on the world’s stage. Whether you’ve lived here all your life or are thinking about moving to Austin, The Shannon Schmitz Group is here for all your Austin Real Estate needs.

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