If you are thinking of moving in Austin, you are likely concerned about how to buy and sell a house fast. Many of our clients at Schmitz & Smith need to time the buy/sell transaction perfectly – so they don’t end up with two mortgage payments… or worse… homeless.  Austin real estate moves fast – faster than many people are prepared for. When you’re faced with this situation, it is crucial that you have a Realtor you can trust, who will help you prepare yourself physically, emotionally and financially. If you’re moving to Austin, or moving within Austin, this blog series is for you. 

Moving to Austin

Part 1: Be Realistic About The Market

Get on a search.

It’s great to have an idea of the Austin real estate market in general, but if you’re buying and selling a house fast, you need to be familiar with area statistics for both the neighborhood you are leaving AND the neighborhood you are looking to buy in. We can provide you with a comprehensive understanding about demographics, lifestyle, schools, amenities as well as the latest statistics on comparable sales in any Austin neighborhood.

The best offers typically come early.

If you’re planning to buy and sell on a time schedule you need the first offer to happen in a timely fashion, so you can strategically make an offer on your next home. In a hot market like Austin, buyers are often coming with their best, most competitive offers right out of the gate, so you don’t necessarily want to wait for a better offer to come along. When a potential buyer looks at houses on MLS searches, he or she can see when they have been on the market for awhile, and whether (and how many times) the price has been reduced.  That’s when something subliminal happens.  Even if the home is pristine, potential buyers can often presume that the reason for the price decreases or time on the market is due to something faulty with the home.  “Why hasn’t anyone snatched this one up, yet?  There must be something we don’t see.”

Use science.

No matter what you think your home is worth, you need to go about determining the listing price with a methodology that is more scientific than emotional.  It is absolutely essential that you compare your home to other nearby properties and account for any differences.  You must consider recent movement in your nearby market as well as how much inventory is currently available.  Only then can you come up with a solid, factually backed list price.  You’ll go through this process in the reverse when coming up with an offer for the home you want to buy. This is very similar to the way appraisers go about pricing your home.

This leads us to the next topic in this series: Know Exactly Where You Want to Move.

Get started finding the perfect Austin neighborhood for you! Download Schmitz & Smith’s free Austin Neighborhood Guide.

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Schmitz & Smith is known for the signature service they provide to their clients, customizing every detail to their specific needs.  Powered by Austin Portfolio Real Estate and Keller Willams Luxury Homes International, these professional, hard-working Realtors® and their dedicated, technologically-savvy marketing team work together to provide the utmost in service to their clients for buying or selling real estate all over Austin. This includes the surrounding Texas Hill Country Area, including Spanish OaksBee CaveLakewayLake TravisWest Lake Hills, and the famous Austin zip codes of 78703 and 78704.




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